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Coin Master Unlimited free spins and coins -2019| How to get Unlimited coins and spins in a coin master official app

Hello everyone many people are asking me about how to get unlimited spins and coins by downloading apps. their are many sites doing scam by showing unlimited spins and coins but after downloading the app you will get nothing but here i am going to show you how we can get unlimited spins and coins with coin master official app. please follow the steps below will lead you to get unlimited spins and rewards.

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Please follow the below steps to get Unlimited spins and coins in coin master in a legit way

STEP 1: Open the coin master game and then go to buy coins page it will navigate to you coins and spins page. please refer the above image.

STEP 2: In the following page there is a free spins button you can see please click the button and the you will navigate to application page. please refer the above image

STEP 3: In this page we can see lot of applications and games available and it will show you how many spins you can earn from downloading the apps and games. you can select the above all apps one by one it will direct you to rules page what you have to do to get spins. please refer the above Image.

STEP 4: Click the earn spins now it will navigate you to play store application download page download it and please go through the rules for every app and complete the tasks. then only you will get spins. please refer the above image.

Follow the same processor for unlimited coins also you can download all games and apps. after completion of tasks you will get rewards this is the best way to get unlimited rewards in coin master game.